About Jeffrey Driver Design

I produce graphic design, website design and marketing solutions for a multitude of businesses and organisations. I have work for clients not only here in Sussex but nationwide, and just once in a while, internationally. Although I started out as a website designer, I now do much more, and have a wealth of experience and a vast range of skills. Not only did I study design for quite a fair few years, including being fortunate enough to complete an MA with George Hardie as my professor. I have also worked within busy design agencies, honing my skills on a large variety of projects.

When you’re looking for something to be created, for instance a website, you want to know what can be done and you want the best for you and your business. The ‘hows’ and logistics come later. By dismissing all limitations, at least to begin with, it means I can let my imagination roam, providing you with innovative solutions that meet your needs, and your aims. It’s always better to scale an idea down, than to try and scale one up.

You’ll notice from my portfolio that my range of work is extremely varied. To coin a phrase, ‘variety is the spice of life’. As a result, very few of my projects incorporate one type of work; I enjoy getting stuck into many aspects of a project. For instance, many projects will span numerous disciplines. I also create for art’s sake, as I enjoy what I do, so you’ll notice the odd self-directed project here and there.